Turn Turbo Fire in a Low Impact fat Blasting Workout!

Whenever you see a fitness solution like Turbo Fire you may think , "I can not do these workout" they are too hard for me. Turbo Fire is a unique workout in itself but believe me there are ways to modify it to suite your level. I personally love it.

Here are some tips to get your doing on Turbo Fire doing Impact moves:

Start with the "Learn" videos

Stay on your Toes so not to turn at the knee.
Turn your Torso with your punch looking at your opponent
Follow the Low Impact Moderator
Use your arms to pump up your heartrate
Drink plenty of water
Do not neglect the stretch section

Do what you can do and forget the rest :)

PS. When in doubt start with Turbo Jam...its just as fun but not as crazy :)

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