Best Constipation Treatment to end your struggles for Life!

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My Days of CONSTIPATION are OVER! How I went from going 1 time a week to 3 times a day! No joke..this is serious business!

This week we have been sharing tips to eliminate constipation in our children and in ourselves. I want to take some time to share with you tips to ensure you have a bowel movement everday. You need
1. Fiber (bulk)
2. Water
3. Probiotics (colon Health)
4. Movement

In order to achieve this daily I incorporated Shakeology and Shakeology Fiber into my diet everyday.

Also you may need to get creative with your meals here are some tips:
Make fiber reach soups with beans and veggies
Use fiber boost on your foods and beverages
Make water look good with fruit, lemons

Take time to look at for more information and to work with me personally.

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