Best Natural Constipation Remedies in Children

Best Natural Constipation Remedies in Children

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I am sure the last thing you want to hear is “Mommy my belly hurts” or “Mommy it hurts when I go potty” and you realize your child is constipated. Against your instinct you head to the pharmacy to look for a “remedy” for your child. Let me suggest some natural remedies to help move things along and train your childs bowels.

Oil=Such as Cod Liver or Mineral Oil mixed with OJ. To coat the colon to make it slippery and easy to remove

Fiber=Bulk in the colon is needed to move the BM along. Be sure to give your child fiber full meals like veggies, berries, applesauce, prunes and whole grains. You can also start by using a fiber supplement such as Fiber boost which can be found here.

Print off a list of fiber rich foods to place on your fridge to make good choices.

Water- Is essential in flushing the colon clean. Get creative to get your children to drink their water. Such as placing in their favorite cup, adding fruits to it and even adding flavors to their water.

Movement- Is essential in young children..lets get them off the coach and moving. Check out this fun, interactive workout for kids.

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