Healthy Fundraising Ideas

Are you looking for a healthy fundraiser as a school fundraiser, church fundraiser, Little League fundraiser, benefit fundraiser or to raise money for your charity?
Well, here's a healthy way to have a fundraiser where everyone will benefit. Instead of selling unhealthy candy and sweets or things that people will buy just to help out and not really benefit from, why not sell online fitness and weight loss club memberships!

Why Promote a Healthy Fundraiser
Team Beachbody Club memberships are great school fundraisers through the Parent Teachers Association, for example, church fundraisers for individual ministries within the church, Little League fundraisers for travel and so forth. These days, everyone needs to lose a little weight and be more fit and healthy, so why not promote a healthy fundraiser and sell three month online fitness club memberships as a way to raise money for your cause.

Healthy Fundraiser Success Story
The Tremont Elementary School PTA in Columbus, Ohio, sold Shaun T's Fit Kids™ Club DVDs for a fundraiser. They've been using the program for indoor recess and after-school latchkey programs. It worked so well that they're going to start selling it at other schools in the district next year. As a result, PTA president/Coach Sara Royer created an opportunity to sell adult fitness programs to parents for even more fundraising!
From Texas, Coach Stephanie Richardson shares how Shaun T's Fit Kids™ Club is helping kids in her area get healthy. "We went to a Vendor Fair for our school district to promote the Shaun T's Fit Kids Club videos as a fundraiser. The reception was tremendous. We've put together a packet to give to the school principals along with a FREE video of Shaun T's Fit Kids Club for the Physical Education teacher to play during class. Texas just passed a new fitness initiative in the schools so this couldn't have come at a better time! The kids LOVE the DVD, too! We are hoping to have a 'Fit Kids Month' where each campus participates. The children will commit to exercising 3 to 4 times a week and make healthy food choices. Those who stick with it will be entered into a drawing. Along with this contest, we are going to have other contests for parents and teachers. We are anxious to start in the fall in several of the schools in our district and neighboring districts. Wouldn't it be great to replace Cookie Dough Sales with Fitness Products?"

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