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The journey was not easy. At 355 pounds, I could barely move. I had the P90X series, but I couldn't even get past the first warm-up of the first workout! I knew I wasn't fit enough to do a regular P90X cycle, so each day I would do "Cardio X" or a Power 90 cardio workout. Some days, I could only do a few minutes before I was drained! But I took it day by day, pound by pound. My family loved me through all of it, even on the days when I was grumpy! My wife kept our food healthy and she even sacrificed some of her favorite foods so I could be faithful to my goals. I gave up all the fast foods, the beer, the high-calorie snacks, etc. I replaced it with lean meats and veggies, whole grains, healthy meal replacement bars, and lots of water! And during the whole journey, if I ever felt like giving up, my little baby girl would smile at me or give a little laugh. It was like a boost of adrenaline straight to my heart. I kept at it and never forgot the words of my Native Hawaiian ancestors to "Kulia i ka nu'u," which means to '"never settle for anything less than excellence."
Before I knew it, I had lost 20, then 50, then 70 pounds! And sure enough, I was able to do more and more workouts. By the time I lost about 90 pounds, I was able to do a full cycle of P90X. I kept gaining muscle, getting stronger, and losing more weight! By the time I entered the monthly [Million Dollar Body] competition, I had lost over 170 pounds! That's crazy! Since the competition, things have only gotten better! I have done a few more cycles of P90X and have integrated it with Tony's One on One workouts, 10-Minute Trainer, and the new ChaLEAN Extreme. At this point in my transformation, I have lost a total of 190 pounds, I am more fit than ever, and now I enjoy taking on new fitness challenges and pushing harder than ever before! My family and friends have been inspired and have begun their own health journeys. I have also had the honor of being on local TV and sharing my story with all of Hawaii. Every day I get phone calls from people wanting to transform their bodies with no surgery and to get P90X-style fit! I have helped dozens of people get started and some of them have had amazing results!
I will be eternally grateful to Beachbody for the gigantic role that they have had in completely changing my life. My family is still in complete shock of the transformation I have gone through and my doctor is absolutely floored! He sees no health problems looming for me anymore and hopes to use me to inspire his other patients. I still reflect every single day on the moment of my daughter's birth. I recall the horrible feeling I had being unhealthy and not being able to hold her close. But now, each time I reflect on that memory, I pick up both my daughter and my recently newborn son and I hold them close . . . because now I can!

Before 355
Body Fat 39%

After 165
Body Fat 14%

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