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Wow….I went from a size 18 to a 12…..and I’m still going strong! How did I do it….well it certainly wasn’t easy! If you want permanent results…it won’t be easy. It takes hard work and dedication….BUT believe it or not…it doesn’t have to take a lot of time. The winning equation is simple…..eating right + exercise= a healthy lifestyle. Notice I didn’t say weight loss…this is due to the fact that if you eat right and exercise you get more than just mere weight loss. You get HEALTHY! More energy! Less stress! Nice skin! And an optimal healthy body! Stop the excuses…..like I said …..it doesn’t take a lot of time….just start somewhere! I started exercising by setting a time on how fast I could clean up my house. And trust me….I was darn tired when I finished! Exercise is not a dirty word….you do it everyday…..just walking about is a form of exercise….so I challenge you to a upgrade!
Upgrade your mindset towards nutrition and exercise. Take the steps necessary to achieve your goals. Time your clean up….or when you leave one room run to the next one….get that heart rate up and start burning some of those calories from all that extra food you put in your mouth everyday. You CAN do it!
Guest blogger
Nikki Vann
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