How to Make a Vision Board

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Solutions For Your New Year:  How to Make a Vision Board

How has everyone been? I have been fabulous! Did I say fabulous :) YES I DID! I am having so much fun and living the life that I almost forgot the new year is almost here.

This year I want to do things a little bit different and I want to know if you would like to join me. Normally I have a plan or objective I want to achieve for the year but I keep it broad. For example last year my motto was "Keep it Moving Forward. When life throws you for a spin Keep moving forward!"

I must say that I have done that..I that is a big accomplishment for more. This year I want to take it a step further and challenge you to "Dance". Let your hair loose, create more memories and Live life to the fullest. Will you dance with me? Great!
The second thing I want to challenge you to do is to create vision board. Will you join me? I want you to think hard about YOUR TRUE Vision..not just a goal but a Vision for 2011. Then I want you to take some time and select photos and words that describe what that dream would look like for you then share them with me on Facebook, Twitter or Youtube.
Have you considered creating your vision board online? Check out this Tutorial For how to use the Oprah's OWN Network to create a Dream board.
View the below video for Steps to Create a Vision Board.

  Are you IN? You want to join me? If you need help with doing your dream board just let me know and we can brain storm :)
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