Thanks to my mom I love salads

Thanks to my mom I love foods that other frown their nose up. I love to try new foods and I am open minded to healthy food tasting FABULOUS! I am open to water with ice and sparkling juices.

My mom has really cultured me and I am so grateful because I don’t see salads, lean meats and eating healthy as a sacrifice. I am ok with it.

How are you raising your children? What habits will they carry with them to their adulthood that they will have a hard time shaking? Lets evaluate NOW while they are young and make adjustments.

This morning my toddler had a tantrum for a greens shake and I was thinking to myself "I could be worse". I took out the blender and made it for her she was so happy. Her teacher saw her green mustache and said "What’s that on your lip" she said" My breakfast".

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