Persistence is golden

Persistence is golden

When you've attempted something and failed to achieve it, then made another attempt and failed yet again, and then failed even one more time, it can indeed be overwhelmingly disheartening. It is at that point, however, where persistence can be truly golden. Because each disappointment you experience not only brings you more knowledge of what works and what doesn't, it also serves as a powerful reminder of why you truly desire to succeed.

It would be a shame to waste all that motivation and knowledge. So keep going. Persist in what you know you must accomplish. Experience the power of your disappointment, direct it toward persistence, and you'll make it a force that will move you along.

The time and effort you've invested have already begun to pay off, even though the results have so far been disappointing. You certainly don't want to walk away from that investment before you're able to reap its rewards. Persist. Keep up the effort for as long as it takes. You're making positive progress. You're moving in the direction of your goals. Use what you've learned, use what you've experienced. Adjust course a little if necessary. Keep on moving, regardless of what has happened before. With persistence, you will surely get where you intend to go. To your success, P.S. If you're sick and tired of spending money and time on failing weightloss products then let me share with you a solution to Transforming your health and say 'goodbye' to yo-yo diets - forever! Go here NOW! => Give Me the Formula

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