Fast food Never tasted so Good

Life has been hectic lately and I am living on the Run(Check out my Shake on the run series on Youtube) but I refuse for my nutrition to suffer and get of course. I refuse to go to fast food and derail myself from reaching my goals.

So I decided to Pack some emergency items at my office. Here are some items I keep in a box under my desk
-Flavor EVOO and Vinegar
-Mrs Dash
-Can of Peaches and a Can of no sugar added Pinneaples
P90X Bars
-Dry oatmeal in a baggy
-Sparkling water
-Little baggy of walnut/almond/cranberries blend I made
-Fat Free Turkey Chilli

What items do you have on hand to keep you from getting off course? Dont forget to tell a friend to join

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