I've Turned my back on Yogurt!

I've turned my back on yogurt, regular yogurt that is! I've fallen in love with Greek Yogurt. It's thick, creamy and full of probiotics. Yes I could buy Greek yogurt but sometimes it’s cheaper to make it myself. I am all about saving money so I will share with you how I make my Greek style/Yogurt cheese.

First, buy a container of organic low fat yogurt. I catch Stonyfield on sale and it taste great.
Second, lay a couple of sheets of paper towels in a strainer.
Third, Dump the container of yogurt into the strainer and place a bowel underneath.

Fourth, add a couple paper towels and heavy cans on top of the paper towels for added pressure then place it all in the fridge.

Fifth, Take the Yogurt from the fridge. Drain the liquid whey from the bowl and spoon the yogurt into a bowl for use. See Part 2 of this Article for ways to use Greek Yogurt/Yogurt Cheese.

Note: Depending on how thick you want your yogurt would depend on how long you leave it in the fridge. If I want a Yogurt Cheese, which I normally use as a spread on crackers, bread etc then I leave it about 24hrs. If I plan on eating it as a yogurt I still want to have some moisture so I leave it about 8 hrs. You will have to determine the consistency you prefer but either way you can't go wrong and will never go back to regular yogurt again.

However, if you prefer to try it before you make it then I recommend purchasing FAGE or Chobani Brand Greek yogurt. You can find these at your local grocery or Whole Food Stores. If not then ask your dairy manager to order them.

Happy Eating!

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