Don’t shoot me I am just the Messenger

One thing I have found in my own weight loss and in helping others is that we are all looking for a “solution”. Should I walk, what should I eat, I am trying and I can’t loose the weight. Others pay gym memberships that they never use or use money to be saved for Personal Trainers. Some may resort to surgeries, massages, gels, spot reducing machines..etc and others don’t DO anything but gather information that they won’t ever apply.

But Here is a revelation: You don’t have to GO FOR BROKE to loose weight and stay healthy!

If you read my blogs then you know that I have learned this the hard way but I have committed myself to sharing my story to help others. I have found a complete solution that I did not have to do any guess work and that incorporated everything that I was looking for in my own weight loss journey.

I just wish I found it sooner! Here are a few of the reasons why what I did worked for me!

-Gave me results in a specific time frame
-My own personal trainer based on my workout preference

-Gave me energy and filled my body with antioxidants, fiber, probiotics and other goodies
-Took all the guess work out
-Templates for meal plans
-Incorporated the speed, intensity, intervals none of which I had to research
-Eliminated year long contracts and extra money for a Personal Trainer
-Allowed me to workout on my time
-Gave me a support system

I realize that what works for one person may not work for another, as a matter of fact one of my friends love to run and has challenged me to run the Peach Tree Run next year. My girlfriend is a salsa instructor and the list goes on. I have challenged others to be a Guest on my blog to share their stories to encourage others. After all my motto is “Real People Coaching Real People 2 Health”

I don’t have anything against any of the solutions that other people have found that work for them but you must remember that the solution you select will determine the results you get!

Once again, don’t shoot me I am only the Messenger!

When you read health articles, there is nothing new! Some come up with fancy terms and revised old school philosophy but one things remain true EAT RIGHT, DRINK WATER and GET MOVIN!

Once again, don’t shoot me I am only the Messenger!

I am sensitive to the fact that new habits take time-shoot I was an avid whiner, but when a person is given life and indulges to their own demise by doing nothing….it bothers me.

So what’s my point! My point is that no matter who you talk to, what web page, or money you dish out, the message is the MESSAGE folks!

Preventive Maintenance is the Key- no matter who delivers the message!

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