Stepout the box-Literally

Working in an office can be difficult to get the body moving during the day so every little bit helps. Make a commitment to get out the box aka cubical can be challenging.

I know for me sometimes I get zoned in my work that I don’t leave until lunch then stay until it is time to go home. Here are some suggestions to get to stepin out the box. I am committing to work these into my daily routine. So much so I am posting it on my desk.
o Park as far as you can from the building you work. Make strides to and from work will get your body moving
o Don’t call or email a co-worker make strides to their desk
o Avoid the elevator the stairs burn more calories
o Walk to the water machine
o Do not eat at your desk. Walk to a picnic or eating area then leave yourself time to take a stroll around the parking area.
o We have two 15minute breaks. Do you use them? Why not walk to the other building and back.
o Walk to the bathroom on the 3rd floor? Work them legs.
o Call up the elevator and drink the water and our elevators are slllloooow!!
o Sit on a ball at your desk
These two articles give some extra ideas.

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