10 "DO NOT DO" Rules if you want to keep your uterus

1. DO NOT drink alcoholic beverages! this weakens EVERYTHING in your body and FEEDS the Fibroids by sustaining low emotional vibrational frequencies within the subtle bodies; impairs your judgment, just makes your feel worse...

2. DO NOT smoke cigarettes OR WEED! yeah, i know herb is of the erff, but because of the misuse and abuse of it, the manipulation of the growth of it, and the energy behind the growers of it.. it will NOT assist with the strengthening of your body and your subtle body which means that you will always be vulnerable energetically, spiritually, and emotionally. and it does leave open I believe Dr. Jewel Pookrum said the "4th circuit of the brain" (access to other dimensions). Now, as for cigarettes - same thing. That ain't no natural tobacco and same as aforementioned.

3. NO MORE DRAMA! It's as simple as that.. leave the drama alone! In addition to many other reasons, fibroids are formed from stagnant energy that is within your womb.. Unresolved emotional issues concerning your creativity, living out your dream, your relationships, your job - are energetically stored within your womb which has an affinity to your Higher heart chakra. Many authors have written on this from Queen Afua, to Dr. Jewel Pookrum, to Dr. Christine Northrup. Drama also includes being a hater, holding grudges, being envious or jealous, deceitful, worrisome, depressed (get some help), and any other emotion that is destructive to yourself and/or others.

4. WHAT ARE YOU PUTTING IN YOUR MOUTH? Leave the dairy products alone - you can't digest it fully no way! Leave the refined and processed breads alone because once bread enters the colon it just turns back to dough and sits there. ewe! further weighing down on your uterus. Leave those fried foods alone. Eat more fresh and raw foods.

5. DO NOT TAKE LAXATIVES! they dehydrate you. do an enema with a 2 quart bag or better yet, get a several colonics done. Remember to repopulate your intestinal walls with probiotics, take digestive enzymes, and drink bulk fiber to help re-form and strengthen the colons muscle tone.

6. DO NOT DRINK SODA, COFFEE, OR OTHER ARTIFICIAL OR DRUGGED DRINKS! If you can't name 3 nutritious benefits of what you are about to put into your mouth then chances are you shouldn't be drinking it. This includes "flavored" drinks which is just a disguise for "MSG".. You don't have to "naturally flavor" orange juice. It already tastes like an orange! lol..

7. IS THAT YOUR OWN THOUGHT YOU'RE THINKING? Stop being so pessimistic about EVERYTHING including yourself. Change your thought patterns by using positive reprogramming, canceling out anything negative that you say and replacing it with something positive immediately. Stop talking to negative thinking people and definitely DO NOT share your dreams and future endeavors..

8. DON'T JUST SIT AROUND! Exercise.. move your body. The lymphatic system (the sewer system of the body) does not circulate on its on like our circulatory system. It's circulation comes through rigorous body movement. at least 20 minutes of it. Try Yoga Booty Ballet 3 times a week then progress to 5 days a week.

9. DO NOT use natural remedies or even modern ones while still living a toxic lifestyle. The body was made to heal itself, if you keep putting toxic stuff in you (which is what got you the fibroids in the first place), you are canceling out all of your efforts and the efforts of everyone that has/is helping you. Examples: smoking cigarettes/weed but drinking fresh vegetable juice; meditating but cussing out your boyfriend or whoever crosses you in the wrong way; getting a biofeedback session or energy session but eating ice cream, butter, or cheese on all of your food; exercising and then eating fried chicken with mash potatoes and gravy. You will never get results this way. AND LAST BUT CERTAINLY NOT LEASE

10. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL IT IS TOO LATE! Immediately when you find out you have fibroids, consider your options and take action right away! If you wait until its too late, you will be in severe pain and listening to a doctor tell you to get a hysterectomy.

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