Official Check Yourself Day!

Saturdays are my official 'Check Yourself Day'! It’s the day when I take a mental note of all the items in my cupboards to ensure I have enough food items for the week then PLAN my meals. I have learned to look at food as fuel and in order for me to run at top speed I need to fill my tank with premium fuel.

I have learned that in order to avoid getting caught in a cycle of random less eating I have to PLAN my meals to succeed.

This week I bought the following additions:

LF Kefir-To make smoothies

Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk-For smoothies, Cereal Frozen Berries from Sams-To add to smoothies, cereal, yogurts

Raw Almonds-Snacks, Sprinkle on Oatmeal Raw Almond Butter-Add to shakeology, celery, oatmeal Eggs

Mini Sweet Peppers-For dipping in hummus

Arnolds Multi Grain thin slice bread

Brussels sprouts

Grape Tomatos-Dip, Salads, Roasted Veggies

Green Beans

Spaghetti squash

Red Onion

Gala Apples

Now it’s your TURN! If you need any help with planning your meals this week just ask!
Coach Kai
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