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Everywhere I go there are Stories. Stories people tell and stories to be heard. Just today at the store there were racks of magazines & Newspapers with articles about Michael Jackson, Home Improvements, Movies, Food, and the infamous subject “Weight loss”. Some of the headlines read "Oprah gains Back Weight", "Beyonce lost 15lbs in 3 days" another one read "300lb woman looses Back fat!" Who would buy these magazines? There is something about those headlines that people want to know about? Are they drawn in by the quick fix or the "I want a celebrity body" syndrome? So, I began to wonder, who would want to hear MY story for FREE?

I am standing there in front a TOPS (Taking Pounds off Sensibility) meeting, I am beginning to feel a little apprehensive because I wasn't quite sure how I wound be received but it’s too late to turn back now its time for me to get started. I had my note cards in my hand but was still too frazzled to read them so I just decided to speak from my heart and began telling MY Story. It went a little something like this.....

Hi, my name is Kai and I am a recovering Yo-Yo Dieter. I am a single mother who was tired of being on yet another weight loss journey…drinking the grapefruit juice, Atkins, sucking on lemons, The ZONE, eating less, Richard Simmons…URGGH, I began to question if I would ever get off the journey and finally arrive to my destination. During my pregnancy with my daughter is when I gained a lot of weight. I can't blame the weight gain on her because it was all the bad food habits that I never dealt with over the years. I was a professional gym junkie but knew nothing about proper fitness, nutrition or supplementation. I would loose the weight then gain it back and had a whirlwind of gym memberships and trainers. I reached a point where I could no longer afford the personal training sessions and had to go back to working out on my own. Boy was I frustrated! I was beginning to make all kinds of excuses-first it was my age, then my metabolism…on and on. It got to the point where I was talking more than I was exercising. However all that talking eventually paid off because it lead me to a fitness webpage where I met a young lady who shared her weight loss story with me. She told me how she worked out at home and lost a tremendous amount of weight. My first thought was that I CAN NOT DO A DVD AT HOME, my second thought was SHE JUST HAS GOOD GENES, and my third thought was THIS STUFF IS TOO EXPENSIVE. So I didn't jump on it at first. She explained to me that everything has a 30 day money back guarantee so I figured I could do anything for 30 days. I started with a dancing type kick boxing program called Turbo Jam.

I had so much fun doing it that I looked forward to it. I pressed play between 4-6 day a week, followed the nutrition guide and drank a power packed shake called Shakeology once a day. The more I did it the more results I saw. I have since lost 40lbs! Why hadn't I tried this sooner? Why did I come up with all those excuses? Why was I so eager to give money to a trainer and reluctant to invest in a proven fitness solution? I thank God that I pushed through all my doubts. I am so impressed with this system that I have committed myself to Coach others and spread the word...Extra Extra Read all about it!

I am still writing the pages of my story and I invite you to join me. My story is not so different from so many others. I don’t have a magic wand to make all my concerns melt away but I am committed to share my story in the hopes it will push others to DECIDE, COMMIT & SUCEED!

There is much to be said about Disciple, Focus and Resilience! I encourage you today to Pay it Forward and share your Story with someone today.

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