How many people do You know with diabetes or are pre-diabetics?

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How many people do You know with diabetes or are pre-diabetics? I know too many in my family that have it and I am taking the steps to prevent it and help those who have it stay healthy! Won't you help me pass the word? Take advanage of this limited sales price and bless a friend or family member with Project You 2! A 12- Week Program for diabetics/pre-diabetics ALL fitness levels. Includes Meal plans, Workout cards, Online support & much more.

Kathy Smith's Project:YOU! Type 2? is a brand-new program from one of the most trusted names in health and fitness. This all-in-one healthy solution emphasizes lifestyle changes, including education on healthy eating coupled with regular physical activity. And it's designed to produce long-term health benefits while helping you lose weight. Did you know that being at your ideal weight can help reduce the risks of getting type 2 diabetes? And if you have type 2, it can make a big difference in managing your blood glucose.

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Coach Kai
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