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The Endomorph
This body type stores fat very easily, and finds it hard to lose the fat. An endomorph often has a sluggish metabolism, and must be particularly careful with their diet. Here are some common characteristics of the endomorph body type:

- Tend to be naturally overweight
- Gain fat easily
- Find it difficult to lose the fat
- Larger around the waist
- Possibly sensitive to carbohydrates (particularly processed and refined carbs)
- Slow metabolism
- Body shape is more rounded or pear shaped
- Often has reasonable strength levels
If you are predominantly endomorphic - you will probably find that diet alone (i.e. diet without exercise) will not be enough to bring down your weight levels. Because you have a slow metabolic rate, it must be boosted with aerobic exercise and weight training.
You will probably need to be careful with carbohydrate consumption (and we are not saying here that carbs are the "enemy"). The traditional American Heart Association recommendations may not be the best thing, as they are typically high in carbohydrates. A balanced lower carb diet such as the Zone diet or South Beach Diet may be best.
Although it seems like the hardest thing to do - good aerobic exercise in the morning will be very helpful. Unfortunately it seems like a cruel genetic "roll of the dice", that means endomorphs must work so much harder to keep the fat off.

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