Are you tired of chicken? Here is the perfect food to reach your weightloss goals!

For many of us we think that losing weight or eating healthier has to be expensive or makes it difficult to feed our families. Well it does not have to be! For me ground meats made it easy for me to stick to my weight-loss goals and feed my family. Ground meat is inexpensive, comes in large quantities and is versatile.

Ground meat comes in all forms-chicken,beef,turkey,pork, name it!

Ground meat is so versitle that you can make 3 different dishes with one package of meat. Here are a couple of recipes that we make in my home. Enjoy!
1. Chilli
2. Ground meat Kabobs
3. Mini Meatloaf muffins
4. Meatballs
5. Burgers
6. Filler for omelets, peppers, cabbage rolls, taco salads

The shy is the limit!
Love to hear your comments on how you use ground meats in your meal plans.

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