Have you mastered sharing your story?

Have you mastered sharing your story?

What is life if you can not share it? What is a story if it is never told? This is the essence of this blog post to ponder the question "Have YOU mastered sharing your story?" If not then let me help you. 

Some people thrive on the success of others and never feel the need to tell their indiviual story. Have you considered the fact that all the experience in life have made YOU who you are? That your story is the Greatest story YOU will ever tell! Why? Because your the only one who experienced it. Have you ever pondered just maybe your experience was not truly for YOU but so that you might share it for another to be inspired? Did you ever consider what may have if you DONT share it...if that person you crossed paths with was there at that time..needing what you had and you kept YOUR mouth shut? Thing about it!

Why don't we share our stories? Do we feel people dont want to hear all "that"...or you dont want to boast or I am not a people person? Well, I say throw all the reasons out the door and start SPEAKING OUT! Your life is yours and your story is only yours to tell. Dont rob the world of the chance to learn, laugh and be different because you wont SPEAK OUT!

This is a personal journey I have also faced and with it you start to think..hmm...if i share this story what will they think of me now...maybe i will share another...my advise is be ALL that you are and those people will take what they needed from it or nothing at all. Never be ashamed of a story because it takes boldness to share and that type of courage is what WARRIORS are made of. Be that Warrior who will say "I am divorced, I have been raped, I am 300lbs, I am a single mom..." I promise you SOMEONE will relate and admire the warrior who was couragous enough to SPEAKOUT and be heard.

So here is your assignment. Share in the below comments your story..I will be honored for you to share it with me.


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