12 Days till Christmas Finale- Merry Christmas!

12 Days till Christmas Finale- Merry Christmas!

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This is been a great season of giving, sharing and fellowship. I pray that we make every day a day of giving. My heart is so full for all the people I have met this year and Christmas is a time I take to reflect and say thank you. Thank you for being in my life, I am blessed for having met you and I pray we can continue in 2011 to learn from one another. Everyone at Sparkpeople and Team Beachbody for giving me a desire to live a healthier life, Lashunda Henry, for providing the Black Business Women Online Network, to all my Twitter/Facebook Friends and especially my family...thank you!

Merry Christmas from My family to YOURS!

Take a moment and listen to my daughter as she sings you her favorite Christmas Song.

Click the links below and be surprised by the compilation of Christmas Carols I have put together for you to enjoy.
12 Days till Christmas Carols Count Down List!

  • Lets Count Down the 12 Days till Christmas ==>http://bit.ly/ejckwS
  • Worshiping Down the 11 days till #Christmas==>http://bit.ly/eq7tJ5
  • Rejoicing for the 10 days till #Christmas==>http://bit.ly/dOX2p0
  • what do u love about..9 days till #Christmas==>http://bit.ly/gG3ROg
  • Have you put up the tree? 8 Days till #Christmas==>http://bit.ly/eiP9U5
  • Spend the #Holiday with Family..7 days till #Christmas==>http://bit.ly/evmUji
  • Thank you for #Jesus, 6 days till #Christmas==>http://bit.ly/euPLIL
  • #Joy to the world! 5 days till #Christmas==>http://bit.ly/dOkh1v
  • Rejoice #Christmas is near..Thank you #Jesus, 4 days tilll Christmas==>http://bit.ly/fL2VPV
  • 3 Days till Christmas...Its #Christmastime==>http://bit.ly/i4n5gb
  • O let us Adore him..2 days till #Christmas==>http://bit.ly/gFZ6mV
  • #Jesus is the real #Celebration on #Christmas, 1 day Left==>http://bit.ly/e2TP2V
Merry Christmas,
PS. I would love to hear your thoughts feel free to leave your comments and feedback!


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  1. LOVE IT!!! My daughter and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! Thanks so much for sharing your joy with us during this holiday season!! Yay!! ; }

    Ya Girl...

    Steph Perez ; }