Super BUSY Moms where do you find the time to work out!

Hi Super Busy Moms,
Here is your chance to sound off and share with others how you still manage to fit in your workouts. I have had this same dilema with my daughter under feet, dinner needs to be cooked and I want to watch the 6 oclock news. These are some activites that I have found that work:

1. Bicycle Riding-Just carry your children on a sit and hit the trails
2. Walk/run-Do intervals while your children are in a stroller or riding their bikes
3. Turbo Jam- Fun cardio kick boxing routine all the while your children can do it with you.
4. Play tag, hid and go seek or any other outside games with your children. Believe me it will keep your heart rate up for a good cardio exercise.

Ok Moms its your turn. Where are your children when you workout?

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  1. I've been walking. Making sure I do at least a mile a day. Planning, prepping and packing my lunch as also been helpful as well as participating in a pre-Thanksgiving walking challenge.

  2. Oh tell me more about the walking challenge?