Is Shakeology Affordable?

Nutrition Affordable!

We always want the best for our families. We want our children in good schools, we want to live in safe housing, we want a relaible good running car but when it comes to our health what do we want? Premium nutrition.

In todays day and age we have cheapened our nutrition and the food industry has plumped us with hormones, sugars, sodium and pesticides. What are we to do...we must eat?

Shakeology makes nutrition formulas...just drink it..seriously as a single mom I weigh my decisions very carefully and found Shakeology to be the Ferrai that pulls up to my door every month. Its worth it for my daughters health and mine peace of mind.

So the question it afforadable? Is it easy? Is it simple..Is it tasty...the answer is YES, YES, YES and another YES YES!

Which would you rather do? Take 38 supplements every day that will cost you over $483.12 every month, or one scoop each day of a great tasting meal replacement shake that will cost you just $119.95 per month (just $4 a day - like a coffee and bagel, but WAY better for you) - SHAKEOLOGY!

And, we could not find 8 additional ingredients that are in Shakeology.

Note: This is a close approximation as to everything in Shakeology and the supplements shown here.

This is what Beachbody CEO Carl Daikeler had so say about this experiment
Awesome demonstration Blake. And even if someone did assemble all that, I am willing to bet that most if not all of those ingredients are not sourced at the same high standards as we use, and they are likely processed so they can stay on the shelf longer. That means the potent properties are cooked and killed before they ever get into the bottle. Not Shakeology – as close to fresh as it comes without picking it off the tree! And do you know how hard it would be to make that $481 concoction taste good? You would throw it all away after one sip. Not Shakeology. I am so proud of this product!
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