Look what I found-Flax with vitamin D

We all know the benefits of Flax but guess what I found? A flax with added D and B vitamins...power packed...especially for vegetarians.
Good colon health is necessary for good overall health. Achieving and maintaining good colon health, as demonstrated by proper bowel function, can be greatly enhanced by adding a fiber product such as B-Flax-D to the diet.

Rich source of soluble and insoluble fiber

Insoluble fiber from flax holds water and increases bulk, which helps to maintain optimal bowel function. Soluble fiber helps absorb cholesterol, which keeps it from being reabsorbed from the intestine ' an important point to know for those who are concerned with their cholesterol levels. It also keeps beneficial bacteria in balance in the colon, and the colon in good working order. Additionally, soluble fiber slows down the absorption of glucose from food, thus reducing the glycemic response to carbohydrate foods ' something that people with diabetes should consider.

Good source of minerals

Flax contains naturally occurring calcium, chromium, magnesium, phosphorus, and zinc in beneficial amounts. Approximately 57% of the fat in the flaxseeds in B-Flax-D' are ALA (ยต-linolenic acid); research has shown that ALA helps stabilize the electric patterns in the heart, which can prevent arrhythmias.

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