Your Guide to Beachbody Yoga Workouts

Your Guide to Beachbody Yoga Workouts

By Denis Faye

Yoga Booty Ballet

Yoga Booty Ballet Pure & Simple Yoga – YBB's Gillian Marloth Clark leads you through a straightforward, meditative 30-minute session that's great whether you want to chill out or ramp up. The focus is on arm work, so prepare for a lot of plank.
Ideal for: Those open to the complete yoga experience, yet who want to sweat a little while they're at it.
Yoga Booty Ballet Master Series Yoga Core – Pure & Simple's more abdominal-intensive cousin features both Gillian and fellow YBB creator Teigh McDonough melding yoga with Pilates. It's also about 30 minutes.
Ideal for: The same folks who might dig Pure & Simple, except that they want a little more core work.
Yoga Booty Ballet Master Series Pajama Time – Relaxation is the emphasis of this prop-intensive program that stretches you out and winds you down for a good night's sleep. Again with the 30 minutes.
Ideal for: Those who find a little movement helps them relax in the evening.

Tony Horton

P90X® Yoga X – A big part of Tony's philosophy is breathing through difficult (read: painful) postures, so this one is intense, and, at 92 minutes, the longest yoga workout Beachbody has to offer.
Ideal for: A hardcore workout enthusiast with a little patience and looking for a challenge.

One on One with Tony Horton Fountain of Youth – This is simply Yoga X cut down to 45 minutes. Tony's style isn't as meditative and calming as the YBB girls, but this sweaty workout has its own spiritual dividends.
Ideal for: Hardcore workout enthusiasts without the aforementioned patience.
One on One with Tony Horton Patience "Hummingbird" – This straightforward Hatha yoga session with an emphasis on holding postures checks in at a smidge over 30 minutes.
Ideal for: Those looking for a Tony Horton-led recovery workout.
10-Minute Trainer® Yoga Flex – This is actually more of a stretching routine that borrows a few yoga postures to get you limber.
Ideal for: Anyone with 10 minutes to spare who needs a little stretch.

Chalene Johnson
ChaLEAN Extreme® Dynamic Flow Yoga – Chalene mixes yoga with Pilates for an upbeat, 40-minute session that doesn't give you much chance to hold still. When she says flow, she means flow. This one is great for your core and back.
Ideal for: Potential yoga enthusiasts who need to keep moving to feel they've gotten a workout.

Kathy Smith
Kathy Smith's Project:YOU! Type 2® Yoga Flex – Twenty minutes of classic Hatha yoga interlaced with a few standard stretches.
Ideal for: Those thoroughly intimidated by yoga who know that they need to start somewhere.
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