Ignorance is a slow death

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Have you ever heard the saying, "your eyes are bigger than your stomach?" I was told that all the time when I was little (pun intended). It means you put too much food on your plate to actually eat; the appeal overtakes the reality. The result was always the same, I was full before I finished what was on my plate. As time went on, I started making more room for the food I wanted, and never thought about the stretching that was going on inside my stomach. To counteract all that eating I had a vigorous exercise routine and a false reliance on my youthful metabolism.I never paid attention to what was on my plate, and ate anything I wanted, without a care of how much I was ingesting. All this added up, and eventually what I saw in the mirror was a huge hot mess.

I didn't even recognize myself, and so I conveniently stopped looking in mirrors. Problem solved, or so I thought. A trip to the doctor (I mean why not, it's free) gave me a swift jerk to reality. I have PCOS and what I eat makes a huge difference in counteracting some hereditary health issues.Since I wasn't looking in the mirror anymore, I started looking at the back of food packages for the Nutritional Information. The first week I decided to only focus on how many calories went in my mouth. Boy, oh boy, did I get to know a lot of calories, more than I ever thought. I felt like I could have my own 30 minute segment on TLC. My morning cappuccino, my daily intake of fries, my afternoon iced coffee, my Haitian rice and beans with every dinner, and so on, and so on.

The moment I started writing down my caloric intake and totaling it up at the end of the day I became fearful of what the other numbers looked like. They say ignorance is bliss, but I think that ignorance is a slow death. So when you look in the mirror, are you seeing life or death . . . just remember, What You See is What You Get.

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  1. This is an eyeopening post. When we total up the calories, it can be frightening. I definitely share this post.

  2. Yes boy..even when eating the right foods if you eat more than your body requires it is not good any more :~)