My grandmother was my friend

My grandmother was my friend. Our friendship began up on the hill in Baileys Bay, It was a family that lived up on the hill, the O’Brien’s Villa is what we called it, and it was love that kept us close. People ask me all the time about my upbringing and I rambled on about my cousins doing my hair, riding in the trunk of my Uncle Archie’s car eating ice cream, my uncle David taking me everywhere, Arshell and I walking to school…I could go on and on for the memories up on the hill but at end of the day it was me and my friend, my grandma.

From daycare to Francis Patton primary school she loved loving on me. One of my fondest memories was when my grandma used to read stories to me. She would open the book and read with such vivid imagination and energy. Who would have knew that she didn’t know how to read.

We always shared a room together, from the time I was little up until the time I bought my own home last year. Yes we shared a lot of time together and we share many of conversations. Many of times we would lay in our room watch TV and talk. She was easy to talk to and never passed judgment. If something was bothering me she would keep at me until I told her because she cared. We would talk and her advice was simple but always on time. She always told me to honor MY mother and if I was in the wrong she would tell me to go to my mother and make it right. She made me see things through her eyes. If I complained about my job she would say "Do you have to stand on your feet all day?", Do you have to do hard labor, Do you have to work long hours?...I would say "No". Then she would say “Kaisha, you are a beautiful smart girl what you complaining for".....Wow what an ego booster! I had a lifetime of wisdom right at my finger tips.

I could depend on my grandma because she always came through. We would take care of each other. When I was trying to lose weight she would help me prep my foods, if I was running late for work she would attempt to iron my clothes...she was always trying to help me more than she was tending to herself. I would say "Grandma come on let’s eat, let’s get ready to go, let’s do this." I didn't back down no matter how much resistance may of came my way and neither would she..But she always let me win. Maybe she let me win because she knew that I would never lead her astray. She was my friend and I was hers.

So, as I reflect on the lifespan that my grandma and I spent together, I am so glad that I thought it not robbery to spend time with her, ask her about her life and not take her life for granted. The greatest gift she gave to me was not money or material things but it was her Strength. . Seven children, multiple jobs, limited education and more hardships to count but she MADE it! That in its self is enough to have a celebration! Others wouldn’t or couldn’t but she did and That took strength! She showed me how to stand UP on the INSIDE and set an example of a strong, unwavering, make-it-happen woman. She left behind a wonderful legacy with plenty of grands and greatgrands to leave a lasting impact on Bermuda and abroad and it is my hope that in her life and in my grandfathers life that there is something that we can take from it to continue the legacy that they began. They have done there part now it is up to us?

So today, yes, I am sad for the lost of my friend but I will not despair for her legacy will live on in me.
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