How Yolanda reached Super Star Diamond status in just seven months

Meet Super Star Diamond Yolanda Harris!

How did this Human Resources Manager for more than 14 years decide to change careers and become a Team Beachbody® Coach . . . then reach Super Star Diamond status in just seven months? Read on to find out!

The Others
"I have tried other network marketing companies," says Yolanda. "The one thing that caught my eye about the Beachbody opportunity is the Customer Lead Program and the Coach Connection Program. I was really impressed by the fact that Beachbody has a system in place that gives the average person the ability to earn pre-enrolled customers and pre-enrolled business partners generated by TV infomercials. Other network marketing companies may send you a customer lead, but there is a big difference between a customer lead and a pre-enrolled customer. Based on this concept, I really think that the average person can really succeed in this business. I also love the fact that Beachbody is a fitness company first and foremost, and they have tools in place to support fitness goals of both the customers and the Coaches."

Fitness First
"Beachbody's business concept was interesting to us because we had heard of the many Beachbody products through the infomercials," Yolanda explains, "and my husband and I were interested in fitness. I'd tried everything under the sun to lose weight. We decided when we started the business that it was imperative we become products of the product. I began using Power 90®, and my husband, Kevin, did P90X®. Not only were we able to coach others on how to begin their fitness program, but pretty soon friends and family members noticed our results. Many of them have joined the Beachbody team as customers and/or Coaches. It's just amazing to us that Beachbody offers a simple fitness solution. The online Club membership that includes WOWY® and a personalized diet plan are absolutely priceless. Over the years, we'd spent thousands of dollars on equipment, unused gym memberships, and personal trainers, with little or no results. With Beachbody, we simply chose a fitness video and regimen that we could use in the comfort of our own home, and we just PRESSED PLAY! Showing others how to start a program and get true results has been a real joy."

A Real Goal-Getter
"We set goals, and we encourage our leaders to do the same," says Yolanda. "Once everyone's goals are set, we all work on a plan to reach them. For example, if a Coach's goal is to get to Emerald Coach within a week, we help her write her contact list, set appointments, and show the opportunity to others. When a Coach reaches his goals, the next step is to show others how to duplicate the process. In order to reach Super Star Diamond status, you have to develop several leaders who have goals to succeed with this opportunity."

Leading the Charge
"Setting realistic goals and creating activities that will expedite success are key," Yolanda says. "If a Coach tells us that they want to be a Diamond Coach within one week, we ask her how much time she can dedicate to the business. If there are obstacles keeping her from investing the time that it takes to get to Diamond status Coach in one week, then we work with her to set a more realistic time frame with a defined action plan. Every single one of our Personally Sponsored Diamond Coaches worked very hard to reach his or her personal goals, and many of them are focused on duplicating their success for their team. Our goal is to celebrate their success as they rise up the ranks."

You Are Never Alone
Anyone who wants to become a Super Star Diamond should know that it cannot be done without a solid team. "Once you personally enroll one Coach, you can no longer focus solely on your goals," Yolanda says. "You also have to make sure that every Personally Sponsored Coach reaches his or her goals. If you continue to personally sponsor new Coaches and work with them until they are duplicating your efforts, not only will your business grow, but you will also advance up the leadership ranks."

The Benefits of Coaching
"Through Team Beachbody®, I've been given the opportunity to run a business from the comfort of my home and set my own work hours. Also, since I have lost so much weight since I started the program, I am a walking advertisement for my business. Whenever I feel the need to recruit a new prospect, I go through my Rolodex and set up a lunch date with a friend I haven't seen in a while. It's so fun to see the expression on their face when they see my transformation. When they ask me what I've been doing to lose weight, I show them the business and give them an option to be my customer or join me as a Coach. What a fun job!"
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